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Home Inspection Testimonials

“Ted Nelson from Criterion was early and inspecting the outside of the home immediately. Ted was friendly, courteous, and very professional. He was very thorough. He inspected the home from top to bottom. Electrical, plumbing, foundation, hvac, appliances, mold, etc. Ted found some potentially very dangerous situations. Gas leak, bad GFCI outlet, etc. I am extremely happy that I hired Ted to do the inspection. It really was a pleasure working with him.”

Michael M. in Kenosha, WI

“We were very impressed by Ted. He was prompt, did a very detailed job, showed us the defects in the house, explained the problems and also let us know approximately how much would it cost to fix those problems. We actually inspected the house before we made an offer. Ted’s detailed pdf (electronic document) report which included pictures of all the defects and which he emailed within a day of the inspection, helped us make an offer on the house with confidence. We highly recommend him for home inspections.”
– Linga R.

“Thanks to Criterion I know everything that’s wrong with the property and will use the report as a to-do-list. Ted did a great job of explaining the major problems and a potential cure. I new I had some major problems, however as we proceeded thru the inspection, like a puzzle, we put the pieces together to see how the problems occurred. Great job!”
-Len D. in Delavan, WI

“Ted was very detailed in inspecting the property; which I will use him again in the future.”
– Tammi W. in Milwaukee, WI

Ay A.
2d ago

Ted really knows his stuff, found a major problem in roof leak in the attic that could have gone undetected for a long time and caused major damage and expenses for us in the new home.

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“Ted was very detailed in inspecting the property; which I will use him again in the future.”
– Tammi W. in Milwaukee, WI

“Ted gave us good advice before we even scheduled an appointment and was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to . He was punctual and performed the inspection in a thorough and professional manner. He got the report to us the next day. I would definitely recommend Ted Nelson and Criterion Home Inspectors for the great customer service and value.”
– In Jefferson, WI

“It all began when I went on to the Service Magic website to look for a Home Inspector and a few other contractors. Three Home inspectors called and e mailed me, one being Ted Nelson from Criterion Home Inspectors, LLC. Ted explained the detailed process of his inspections and I was so impressed that I chose him. We setup the appointment and met out at the home. Ted amazed my husband John and I with his expertise, taking time to explain things as he went along and pointing out things that we are sure another inspector would have missed. Ted also took pictures of the items of concern and explain that………”
– In Campbellsport, WI

Ted Nelson is professional and friendly in just the right measure. He discovered something about the home we were going to purchase that we would have never guessed. We did not purchase the home because of it. His report was thorough and fair. He stood by his work even when challenged by the sellers realtor. If Ted had been less knowledgeable and confident in his work, we would have purchased a home that was much less valuable than we were led to believe. We would have had some serious buyers remorse. We were more than happy with Teds service; he went above and beyond what you expect from people these days. And we will heed Teds advise in the future get the home inspected BEFORE you put in an offer! It wasn’t easy to break the contract.
– N.M. at Service Magic (Now Home Advisor) 

Unsolicited E-Mails

From: GB @gmail.com
To: sarge@criterioninspectors.com
Subject: Inspection Report

I am writing in regards to the home inspection that was done on 09/18/2014.

I just want to express to you how wonderful it is to have someone do a thorough home inspection. The report that was provided is very informative. Please know we will definitely use this report as a guide for improvements now and in the near future.

The pictures are so helpful. It allows the owners to actually “remember” the recommendations and know exactly where and what needs to be done.

I’ll admit….I was not there, but reading the report I felt like I was.

When we bought our first home we had “Inspector not identified“. We thought since he was so well known he would do a thorough job. Unfortunately, he did not. In fact, we found plenty wrong on the home that was missed. Especially the attic. He never actually went inside the attic to let us know that the insulation was covering the vents. He said everything looked good. Well, the fan did not work and after many years we had condensation problems. Missing this cost us plenty. There were many electrical issues that were missed as well. Good thing my father-in-law is an electrician.

I can’t thank you enough. This is a home my grandfather built. He did everything except the electric on the home. He was a plumber by trade and built everything solid.

I’m thankful that my husband chose you to inspect our home so we can continue keeping my grandparents home “solid”, and a home my family was and will forever be proud of.

Thanks so much,

G B Muskego, WI

From: Josh ………….@yahoo.com
To: Sarge@CriterionInspectors.com
Subject: Recommendation

I chose to use Criterion Home Inspectors starting on my first offer on a Racine County home in September 2010. I researched many home inspectors, but I did not know much about how to pick one. I sort of stumbled upon Ted Nelson when going through the Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors directory. After speaking with many home inspectors on the phone, I preferred Ted’s demeanor, so I hired him. That first home I did not purchase after having it inspected by Ted, and the sellers could not accept a reasonable counteroffer in light of defects found. The next home, a year later, I had Ted inspect before making an offer, because this was a foreclosed home in need of much work. Fortunately thanks to him I had a solid grasp of the beaucoup bucks and sweat equity that would need to go into it. I actually was outbid on that one, but am thankful because Ted’s mold report showed some high levels of allergenic mold in there and I’m glad I do not have to deal with that. Finally I got my offer accepted on an excellent home in November 2011. Needless to say, I knew I would go with Ted (otherwise would not be writing this letter). Ted got out to Racine again very speedily, which was important to make my offer deadline. At the inspection, he made me feel that I had done right/gotten lucky in waiting for this one. Ted gave me a stamp of approval although he did find many minor issues in need of improvement too, but I am confident in my purchase after working with Ted. If anyone were to ask me why I would recommend Ted Nelson I would say because he works purposefully and methodically. I can tell he has done many, many home inspections. He does distinguish between work a handy person could accomplish, versus work definitely requiring a professional. He is open, forthright, patient and courteous. He is personable, communicating with his customer with a sensitivity to emotion that this important purchase requires. I worked with him for three home inspections between a span of about 14 months, and would work with him again if I needed to. He took about three hours each time, for two ranch-style two bedroom homes, and one bungalow two bedroom home. His reports are thorough and show evidence of attention to detail. I feel Criterion Home Inspectors does a very good service. I give them an “A.”

Thanks again Ted,

From: Denise D. [???????@gmail.com]
To: Sarge@CriterionInspectors.com
Subject: Outstanding service!
Hello Ted,

I was thoroughly impressed with your services.  You were on time (actually early), thorough in your inspection, open to my questions, prompt in providing the report, and exceptionally clear and instructive in your written communication.  Not only did you meet my high expectations for the inspection, you exceeded them by providing me with an illustrated document that also forecasts replacement time lines of major household equipment.  Your photos of the property and photo of an example installation were icing on the cake!  I feel very confident in recommending you to any one who desires an explicit, thorough, informative and well-organized report of a property.


Denise D.

From: ……… Cho […………@yahoo.com]
To: sarge@criterioninspectors.com
Subject: Thank You for Our Home Inspection

Hey Ted,

I just wanted to say thank you for our home inspection. I thought you did a great job. You took your time and did a thorough job and found allot of things for us. I am glad my first home inspection experience, and being a first time buyer, was a positive experience. I liked how the report was set up including the pictures you took. I really appreciated the tips you gave me on how I could fix the problem and you even gave me examples of things you did to your house. I would happily refer you to others looking for a home inspection, and will keep you in mind for future inspections.

Thanks Again,
The Cho’s

From: …….21@aol.com
To: sarge@criterioninspectors.com
Subject: Another inspection Thank You for Our Home Inspection

I don’t know if you remember me, but you inspected a house for me off 103rd and Mill Road about a month ago. I decided that there was just too much wrong with that house, so I found another house that I would like you to inspect if possible. I thought you really did a thorough job. You don’t by chance offer discounts for 2nd time customers, do you? If you don’t, that’s fine. I still would really like you to inspect this other house that I have put in an offer for. I will give you as much information as I can.


From: Laura […..@kc.rr.com]
To: Ted Nelson
Subject: Re: Inspection

Thank you for the pictures. We really appreciate the good work you’ve done. We have some concerns of course and we’re wondering if you could answers some questions for us. We’re wondering what will it take to correctly fix the erosion (holes under) around the foundation and the cracks in the walls? How do know the water leaks are repaired and will the leaks continue once we start living in the house? Thank you

Derrick and Laura

From: Realtor@kw.com
To: Sarge
Subject:: Thank You

Hi Ted,
We were happy with the inspection. Thank you for being so thorough and for promptly sending out the report. I know Wendy and Jeremy appreciated the information you provided. I will certainly keep you in mind for future inspections.

Thanks again,

From:1stSgt Derrick [……..@mfr.usmc.mil]
To: ‘sarge@criterioninspectors.com’

I just wanted to say thanks for the info. You were correct on the shut off switch outside. I am certain that you saved me 100.00 that I would have had to pay to have a service guy come out. Not to mention that would of pissed me off to find out I just had to flip a switch.

Anyway’s, thanks again and let me know if you ever need anything that a grunt can take care of, obviously maintenance of a house I would not be to helpful with, but Marine Corps oriented.

1stSgt Derrick

From: Jennifer [………@yahoo.com]
To: Sarge
Subject: Re: Your Home Inspection Report

Thx for the very professional and thorough inspection report. The pictures that went along with the details of some potential problem areas were extremely helpful. I did have my electrician give me an estimate of replacing the breaker box – first on my list! Again – thanks so much for a job well done.


From: Jason […….@mcw.edu]
To: Sarge
Subject: Inspection Report

Hi Ted,
Thank you for the fine inspection and quick return of the full report, we are glad to have found you and will recommend your services to anyone we talk to who needs an inspector. Take care, Jason and Beth

Campbellsport, WI

Hi Ted,

I received the report with the pictures. Thank you for the detailed inspection report. I can see what needs to be updated and fixed. I like the report. Good job.

Thank you very much.
Mary Shaw

From: Tammy ………..@LegionInsurance.com
To: “Sarge”

Good Morning Ted,
I would like to thank you again for your time and for your report. I’ve notice your report is very detailed which is admirable. Wished I had used you in purchasing my main home; however, in the future of building my portfolio in investing property I will be using you again.